Just law of attraction is not enough

Let’s talk about the big picture you want for your business and ultimately, bigger picture in what you want in life. Doing business and making money is but a vehicle towards achieving your financial freedom and it doesn’t stop there. Analyze what people really want and why they are willing to work for money and you will find out that it’s not the green paperbacks that they want to accumulate but what they can buy with those notes. Of course, the smarter people will turn it around have money work for them, but that’s a subject best saved for some other time.

The “Law of Attraction” was first explored in the New Thought era in the early 1900s, and 2 centuries later, commercialized and taught through the infamous self improvement movie called The Secret. I won’t be spoiling the entire plot of the movie but the underlying message I want you to know is that each and every one us gives out a thought wave, or an unseen vibe, that attract other things concurrently and parallel in the same universe we all share. Have you noticed how back in high school, some friends hang out with the same group of friends almost all the time? The cool ‘insider’ gang are totally distinct from the bookworm gang. You might argue and say that it’s a matter of different interest. Now let’s take a look at a higher level.

Why is it that the rich hang out with the rich very often?

while the middle class and lower rung of the society are somewhat exempted? Initially I thought it was a social discrimination but when I finally got to know some of the people from the wealthy class, I found out that they are actually normal, nice and happy people. Sure there are some snobbish ones just like what the movies tend to portray them to be. But in real life, I learned that it was just the exact opposite for many rich people. And why wouldn’t the rich mix with the poor on a deeper level? It all boiled down to one thing: Law of Attraction, yet again.

Birds of a feather flock together.

People of the like mind will hang out with each other. People who see positive and opportunity behind every problem cannot stand being pulled down by other people who are over-exaggerate of small problems. And in Internet Marketing arena, you will see all of these characters. There are those people in the forums who complain about the experts and gurus not helping them, and then there are also Internet newbies who did only a few things right and people soon forget they were once newcomers to the business.

Can you see how all these relate?

I will also go on to quote something relevant from a very popular book and it’s something a lot of people should read. It’s the 48 Laws of Power. In one of the particular laws, it is said that one must avoid the unhappy and unlucky. This sounded cruel when I first heard of it but after tasting a few too many bad experiences with people who are desperate in the business, my energy was drained and it affected my emotional state a lot. That’s why I gave up helping the desperate and the unfortunate because it is indeed contagious bad vibes. And that said, associate only with the like minded and those who have little financial or personal problems. While yes, some people have financial problems and they don’t whine about it, and look to a positive light, there is nothing wrong with hanging around them either. What I’m talking about here is the law of attraction.

Of course, the Law of Attraction wouldn’t work if all you do is dream about it but do nothing to move towards the direction. It’s like marking an X on the map but standing where you are at now. Christian believers will surely have heard of this quote from Bible Ephesians Chapter 2, verse 26: For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.


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