Big Thinkers is an Experiential Technology, Marketing and event management company based in Bangalore. Our team of Web developers, Marketing and Event Management specialists can deliver exceptional ideas and solutions on any project achieving the vision on a bigger scale.

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Big thinkers are the specialists in Marketing, Branding, and Event Management, We have solutions for any of your business requirements, either for website development, advertising, digital marketing, setting up a small conference or a large event can be customized for your specific requirements.

Website Designing and Digital Marketing

Branding and Event Management Solutions

We are an extension of your ideas in line with the latest trends to plan, strategize, and execute full-service event productions with state of the art experiential technologies enabling us to deliver seamless events creating exceptional memories.

Premium Services

Our Best Services

We are transforming modern-day businesses across the different industry verticles with a wide range of solutions to streamline the marketing and communication process with smarter collaboration between customers, business owners, employees, and all stakeholders of the company.

Website Designing
With a core team of young and energetic developers we take up website development and deliver stunning web sites at most economical costs.
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Branding & Marketing
We are pioneers in creating intangible marketing or advertising concepts that helps people identify a company, product, or an individual based on their values and objectives.
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Event Management
We are an extension of your team, we strategize, plan and execute full-service event productions with latest trends, state of the art technologies as per your needs as a one stop solution.
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Premium Products

Our Best Products

Many of our offerings have multi-faceted products. Having a clear understanding of different personalities, their journey, and the different outcomes they are trying to achieve. It makes it easy for us to brainstorm new digital web products that we can build to solve challenges in personal and professional lives.

Digital E-Cards
With our Digital Cards, you can create and share your Business or Event information that has Actionable one clickable features like Call, Email, WhatsApp, Map, Invitation Details, Website Link, Social Links, Maps and more.
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Experiential Technologies
We have hundreds of Phygital and Digital tools and technologies that helps you plan and produce exceptional events that can be used at every junction of your event whether it could be for pre event activity, during the event and even for post event activities.
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Smart Gadgets
Best businesses require best gadgets to maximize the efficiency of the work, either you work from home or office or even corporate gifting we continuously introduce new and evolving products to create touchpoints with employees, clients, and prospects.
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About The Company

Our Strength

Bigthinkers is a company catering to entrepreneurs and small business owners, We help people on how to start, grow and scale a highly successful business through exceptional technologies, marketing, and live events. is formed to revolutionize the businesses of this new economy, by providing right education, Products, and business solutions either online or offline. Any individual, opportunity seeker, or business owner can learn how to utilize the online trend and upcoming technologies to leverage their business and create breakthroughs for themselves.

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We at Bigthinkers have developed, conceptualized & executed spectacular projects for some of the biggest names spanning across various industries. We have always taken great pride in displaying our portfolio of happy & satisfied clients by delivering quality solutions for their business & exceeding their expectations.

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We always strive to provide our clients with the high quality solutions and our clients praise us for our great results, personable service, expert knowledge and on-time deliverables. Here are what just a few of them had to say:
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