Are You working For Your Business  Or Is Your Business Working For You?

The world of business is intriguing. People like to think that when they are working on their business and their problem is solved. This is true for the people who engage in online businesses as well. The thing about starting your own business, you need to realize that your entire problem is only solved when you achieved a certain amount of success. What this ultimately means is that when you first started a business, you are actually going into a situation where you are taking up more challenges, problems, and obstacles in your life.

To many success gurus would say that this is not necessarily a bad thing. Many success gurus would teach and recommend their students to challenge themselves. They believe if one is comfortable with their life… they stay stagnant and this actually can hinder your growth in the aspects of success in life. The more you think about it, the more this makes sense. Of course this also comes to the matter of character. If you are someone who hungers for success and more in life, starting a business may fulfill this inner need. However, if you are someone who just wants a normal life that is of no worries, starting a business might not be suitable for you.

Of course staying in a 9-5 job does not mean you will get what you want as well. All in all, what matters here is that one needs to know that having a business that you can call your own can be a daunting task at times which brings us to the topic of our discussion today. Is your business working for you or are you working for your business? Well, this is a good question most internet marketers need to ask themselves today. Let’s dig deeper.

Are you working extra hours from home?

When you are working from home, working on your business, do you find yourself working extra hours or after hours? Are you still awake late at night trying to get things done and trying to get your businesses moving in the right direction? Have you compared your current working hours with those who work in a 9-5 desk job? If you are working more than you should, then you could have fallen into a different rat race than that exists in the business world.

A good business entrepreneur not only understands the equation of time, but they also understand that they can’t do everything themselves. Which is why, you will see that the most successful people amongst our internet marketing community only for a few hours a day. Take for example, the ultra-successful author of The 4 hour work week, Tim Ferris, he will tell you that if you work more than 5 hours a day, then you are doing it wrong. A good and successful business person will have their business working for them and they will be free to do anything they want most of the time. That is the ultimate freedom that we are looking for. Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the famous Rich Dad Poor Dad book, says that in the business quadrant, you should be able to find financial freedom. So where is your freedom if you are working more than those on a 9-5 desk job when you are supposed to be living the life of your dreams? That’s right; you will need to evaluate what you are doing with your business right now.

What should be the ideal condition?

The ideal condition as a business person would be you delegating most of your work to those who you have carefully selected to be part of your team. All you will be doing is managing everything from the top. Much like a puppet master, you pull the strings in your business, and everything will come into place. You are not supposed to be on your desk trying to do everything because you would then be doing the job that is supposed to be meant for a team of 5 people or more.

You need to learn how to let go and trust others to do a good job for you. Learn to let go and you will find more time for yourself. Essentially, if you are smart and make the right moves, you will find yourself making the most money and having more time to spend them.

Outsource or get an assistance or partner.

The first thing you will need to do is to start hiring people that you can trust to work within your business. That is an absolute way for your business to grow. Get a partner that can help you improve your business and learn to outsource everything else to speed up your businesses and project execution.

For example, in the internet marketing business, it would take you at least half a year to launch a product of your own. You will take a few months just to create your main products and the products within your funnel. Next you will have to create your sales letter and sales message. Later on you will find yourself in need of graphics and creating the delivery page for your product. After all of that is said and then, you will need to start planning out your launch and gathering JVs. Hence you can see that even with 6 months there is no guarantee that your product will be successful because you might not have the connection and networking that is strong enough to make it happen alone.

So how then are those mega gurus launching products after product and raking up their success portfolio consistently? The answer is outsourcing. Even before their first project is completed, they have already started with the 2nd and 3rd launch. They will even have their plans for their 4th and 5th product launch ideas and plans listed out. Do they do all the work? No. All they are doing is planning and networking with the right people to make things happen. Sure they could be earning a lot less from the cost of each project, but to be able to launch one or two products each month will mean a lot of money on the table and not to mention all the email buyers list that they will be building.

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